Hello, and welcome to Chambres Maisons d’Hotes! We are the Fulton family from Alabama. My family and I decided to pack up all our belongings a year ago and travel. What better way to teach the kids, right? Well, we have found ourselves in love with the small Bed and Breakfast in France where we have been staying in the past six months, and have decided to share our experiences here with you, our readers.

Our family consists of me, Amy, my Husband, John, and our two children, Stephanie (16) and Jonathan (13). Our children have been homeschooled since Kindergarten, so moving to France was an easy choice when my husband’s job allowed him to start working from home. We have found that it is actually less expensive to live here in the Bed and Breakfast than to pay a mortgage back in the States, which was a shock to us in the beginning. The cultural education the children have received from living here has been phenomenal! They have picked up the language quickly and are now able to communicate with virtually anyone in the community.

Our hope is that, through this blog, you will be encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and travel abroad. We will be sharing our real life adventures here, so be prepared to hear the good and the bad.