Camping in France

When most people envision a French vacation, they see themselves in a pricey hotel. Another great way to experience France, though, is through camping. My family and I recently to the camping trip in France and had a wonderful time. There are several things you need to know about camping in France if you choose to do so, though.

The camping parts in France are very similar to what you find in the United States. You can use a tent or RV to camp in. Make sure wherever you go is approved so you will not violate any of the laws. We found that camping was a great way to meet new people and learn more about the French culture. Nothing beats sitting around the campfire chatting with other families that love the outdoors.

Camping in France as a way to help keep experience budget friendly. Not only can you save money you would otherwise spend on the hotel, but you can make your own meals at camp and save money as well. We were able to meet several fellow travelers from other countries as we cooked our meals over the community fire pit at the campsite we stayed in. It was a great experience for our entire family.

If your family is not into roughing it, there are some campgrounds in France that provide you everything you need for a luxurious camping experience. These places will often come with spas, restaurants, and entertainment. They will typically provide the more traditional camping activities as well such as cycling, fishing, and canoeing. Of course, the more amenities you want, the more the cost goes up.

We have had a few friends come visit us here in France that have made their trip affordable through camping. It’s a great way for them to see the world with a relatively cheap price tag. If you have ever thought about visiting France but the cost of such a trip scares you, perhaps you should consider camping in France.


A Visit to the South of France

My family decided to take a trip to see the south of France. We had heard so much about the rural landscapes and miles of coastline that have been an inspiration for writers, composers, and artists for many years. We had to see this for ourselves.

South of France is the term that describes the coastline area between Italy and Spain. It’s a very popular tourist area in Europe. If you decide to come for a visit there, you will find there are many places you can stay in campsites, guesthouses, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Staying in one of their boutique hotels is recommended. They are small and homey and are quite nice. The service they provide there is impeccable. They offer contemporary rooms, fun public areas, and great food. Choosing the right place to stay can help you to have a memorable vacation to the south of France.

Keep in mind, you will not be able to explore the entire area in a short stay. We stayed there for a week and feel like we only saw a small portion of what the south of France had to offer. If you go there and hopes to see the rich and famous selling in their yachts, you will want to go to Cannes and St. Tropez. Most of the beaches are wonderful for selling and other water sports as well. If you travel further inland, you will find fields of wildflowers and stretches of vineyards. One of my favorite parts was visiting the historic buildings, the museums, and markets located in the south of France.

The best way to explore the south of France is by hiring a car. The driver we hired was very helpful with all the questions we ask about the area. He was able to take us around to the places the locals enjoy and show us the historical areas as well. He did keep going on about driveway alarm reviews, though, which was interesting. Supposedly, he prefers his customers to have them so they know when he shows up to their location and he doesn’t have to wait for them. Having a driver was helpful for us as well since it kept us from having to pay the tolls to use the main road network. That in itself made it worth the cost.

We really enjoyed spending some time in the south of France. It is a place we hope to visit a few more times before we move on somewhere else.